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Free Cab Rides for Adults Celebrating New Year’s Eve

  As adults head out to celebrate New Year's Eve, they can "Make a Plan to Make it Home" by taking advantage of a free program that can help keep our streets safe. G & M Distributors, Shawn Mason State Farm Insurance, United American Cab, WGIL, FM95, 92.7 The LASER, and 105.3 KFM are sponsoring a community-based initiative that helps preve...
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Budweiser "1933 Repeal Reserve" Amber Lager (Limited Edition)

This holiday season, Budweiser is excited to share our passion for beer and a taste of history by introducing a reserve Amber Lager to celebrate the Repeal of Prohibition in December 1933. This specialty Amber Lager is inspired by one of the Pre-Prohibition recipes in the Budweiser archive collection – brewed in the early 1900's and halted by Prohi...
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Get Home Safely on Thanksgiving

Whether it's #Thanksgiving or #Friendsgiving, no feast is complete without your friends and family. Do your part to make sure they get to and from your gathering safely, whenever alcohol is involved. #GiveADamn. Don't Drive Drunk. 

Natty Rush 25 oz. Can

Natural Light is excited to announce the launch of its newest product – Natty RUSH! This new player packs a RUSH of delicious flavor and 8% ABV inside its bold, impactful packaging. Natty RUSH will be available in 25 oz. cans and will feature 3 flavors: Hurricane Punch, Watermelon Smash, and Blue Frostbite. 

Halloween Party? - Be Responsible

While Halloween may be a little scary, there is nothing scarier than the danger posed to your community when people get behind the wheel drunk. This #Halloween, always remember to #GiveADamn Don't Drive Drunk. 


During the month of July, G&M Distributors' recycling center will donate 1¢ per pound of aluminum cans recycled to the Galesburg Adopt-A-Park program, which refurbishes local parks. Optimist Park has been selected to receive this year's donation from G & M. Parks that have benefited from the program in the past are – Arlington Park, Colton ...
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Friday is Global Be(er) Responsible Day

  All it takes is one person who Gives a Damn to save a life. Join the movement and do your part to prevent drunk driving. This Friday and every day, Give a Damn about the safety of your friends, family, and neighbors by keeping our roads safe. Always remember to drink responsibly and plan ahead for a safe ride home whenever alcohol is involve...
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Be Responsible This Labor Day Weekend

  Here's to catching the last rays of summer and toasting the American worker. You've earned your time off this Labor Day weekend. But there are no days off when it comes to drinking responsibly. Drunk driving is 100% preventable so let's work together to keep our roads safe this Labor Day weekend and every day. However you choose to celebrate...
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Get Home Safely This July Fourth

This Fourth of July, America celebrates its 241 st birthday – now that deserves a toast. But before you kick off your celebration or just kick off your shoes to relax in the summer sun, remember that drunk driving related fatalities are 100 percent preventable. If your plans involve alcohol, plan ahead for a safe ride home. Designate a driver, get ...
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Best Damn Sweet Tea! Perfect for Summer!

Delicious, easy-drinking BEST DAMN Sweet Tea is aged on real black tea leaves during the brewing process for a delightful, refreshingly smooth iced tea taste. BEST DAMN Sweet Tea is naturally caffeine free, and we hope you love it as much as we do. Cheers! Available in 25 oz. can, 5.5% ABV